• Food safety

    Who, when and how often needs to make water analyses?

    If you as a food handler use in your establishment only central drinking water, you have to make water analyses only once before starting with the business activity.

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    Digital developments in the agriculture sector simplify everyday work

    Digitalisation and the use of e-solutions are one of the opportunities of creating additional growth potential for the agriculture sector and rural areas and developing the field.

  • Fooddocs in media

    FoodDocs won Ajujaht (Estonian Sharktank)

    The digital food safety platform FoodDocs won the largest competition of business ideas, Ajujaht, and was awarded with the grand prize of €30,000.

  • Food safety

    Meeting with the Deputy Director General of Veterinary and Food Board Olev Kalda

    Founders of FoodDocs, Katrin Liivat and Karin Repp met Deputy Director General of Veterinary and Food Board, Olev Kalda last week. Also chemical and biological Food Safety Bureau representative Ingrid Vesmes was participating in the meeting.

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    The next ingenious IT-solution from Estonia: The winners of Shark Tank broke the code how to open up four food business within an hour.

    Технологии пищевых продуктов, предприниматели Катрин Лийват и Карин Репп вместе с программистами собрали команду, создавшую FoodDocs – победителя «Ajujaht» этого года.

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    The winner of Estonian Shark Tank will free hundres of food handling companies from cumbersome bureaucracy

    This is a typical so-called self-control basic package for the companies who one way or another sell foodstuff for people, and which comprises a detailed description of the food handling process from how the carrot or reddish grows on the garden patch to how they are chopped and served in a dining place.

  • Food safety

    The winner of Shark Tank of Estonia is in the TV show Terevisioon

    FoodDocs has been created to make the life of food handlers easier. They help make the documents, necessary for food handling conforming to the requirements, and at that also paper-free.

  • Fooddocs in media

    Ajujaht winner: 30 million turnover in 3 years

    Digital food safety platform FoodDocs that wishes to attain an annual turnover of 30 million euro in three years, won the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia – Ajujaht.

  • Food safety

    How to open a cafe, restaurant or any other catering establishment?

    It's a secret dream for many people to have their own cafe or a restaurant. What needs to be done and what documents are needed to make this dream come true?

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    SEB predicts: FoodDocs will win Shark Tank of Estonia

    We, as a bank, review hundreds of applications of start-ups every year. We have for ourselves given meaning to the qualities that help bring success in business.

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    How often medical certificate needs to be renewed?

    Many food handlers have recently raised the question of whether and how often the employer needs to ask their employees for a medical certificate renewal.

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    Prototron winners of 19th round bring out solutions in unexpected areas

    Prototyping foundation Prototron’s 19th application round was focused on digitalisation. About 200 ideas were submitted, and the most useful ones for people and industry made it to the final top. Four teams received funding, the total sum was 30 000 EUR

  • FoodDocs in media

    Fooddocs, SaaS for smart food safety management raises seed round of 300 000€

    FoodDocs, compliance-as-a-service solution for digital food safety management, has raised 300 000€ in seed capital.

  • Case study

    Selver: digital food safety is our daily tool

    Selver retail chain has searched for an oppurtunity, for a while, how to manage their food safety paper piles, that have accumulated over nearly 25 years of operation, more efficiently. When getting to know FoodDocs, they had no doubt to digitalize all their 54 stores. Iris Hansom, the regional manager of North Estonia, is sharing what the digitalization brought along.

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    FoodDocs to head from too small Estonian market to Germany with help of Tehnopol

    The Tallinn science park Tehnopol is to help Prototron and Ajujaht winner FoodDocs achieve success on one of Europe's largest retail markets, Germany, where 25 percent of the company's potential customers are as the Estonian market is simply too small for the startup offering a digital food safety platform solution.

  • Food safety

    Fill Your monitoring sheets conveniently on Your phone

    Thanks to the newest updates of FoodDocs You can fill Your monitoring sheets conveniently on Your phone or tablet. All the operations are done only with two clicks.

  • Food safety

    Why digital food safety plan is better than paper-plan or word?

    I think this is the first question that comes into your head when you hear from digital food safety plan? I will bring out 5 reasons why food handling company should use digital food safety plan instead of paper-plan or word.

  • Food safety

    Notification of economic activity or activity licence – which one does the food handler need?

    Entrepreneur operating in food industry needs to fill requirements described in different legislations. The law insist that every food handler must submit notification of economic activity or activity licence to The Veterinary and Food Board (VFB). How do You know which one You need?

  • Food safety

    In FoodDocs, submitting an activity licence and notification of economic activity is fast and convenient

    Enterprises must notify the authorities or apply for a licence before starting the food handling and selling. In FoodDocs, You can conveniently, easily and quickly fill in the activity licence or notification of economic activity and send it straight to The Veterinary and Food Board (VFB) with Your food safety plan.

  • Food safety

    Digital food safety program now available in five languages

    FoodDocs has developed a multilingual food safety desktop which makes ensuring food safety much easier for food handler. You can compile digital food safety plan in five different languages with the program.

  • Food safety

    Is food your business? Then start from FoodDocs

    When starting with food business it becomes clear very fast that a large number of paperwork needs to be kept in order to be successful.

  • Food safety

    Food Safety Plan – what it is and how to compile it?

    Whether it is a cafe, retail chain or You make food at home – everybody who is selling food, has to ensure food safety. In other words, every food handler must have food safety plan. What is it exactly?

  • News

    11 important reasons why digital food safety plan is better than a paper one

    Why have a lot of food handling companies started using FoodDocs’ digital solutions instead of its’ paper alternative? They believe that the greatest challenge in food safety lies in the outdated or un-manageable food safety plan. It creates unnecessary risks that no one wants to see happening.

  • Case study

    Head chef Kristjan Kelder: “Using FoodDocs will make you understand how many unnecessary moves You can skip.”

    Working in restaurant business for almost two decades, Kristjan Kelder is working as a head chef in Tallinn restaurant Sume since the end of last year. Under the leadership of Kristjan, many restaurants have chosen the digital food safety solution. Kristjan doesn’t even want to think about keeping track of food safety on paper like he used to do.

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    What does The Veterinary and Food Board think about FoodDocs?

    The Veterinary and Food Board and the Ministry of Rural Affair have both facilitated the creation of the FoodDocs digital food safety dashboard

  • Case study

    The cake wizard Nadja prepares delicacies in her home kitchen

    The cake master Nadježda Kaarma is a living legend. For fourty years, her marvelous bakings have found their way into cafes, morning television and cook books. Now the beloved confectioner is working in her own home in Raplamaa, diligently filling the orders of her sweets loving customers.

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