• Food safety

    In 21st century people die from food poisoning!

    It is not normal that in the 21st century, people in a developed country will essentially die from food poisoning!

  • Food safety

    Estonian Public Broadcasting mediates: There could be an e-food Board in Estonia

    Estonian Public Broadcasting mediates that according to food companies, there could be an e-food Board in Estonia. As companies consider food safety requirements to be voluminous and time consuming to work through, some believe that an e-Food Board could operate in Estonia.

  • Food safety

    Free App for Your monitorings

    Thanks to the newest updates of FoodDocs - mobile App, You can fill Your monitoring sheets conveniently on Your phone or tablet. All the operations are done only with two clicks and all of it - for free!

  • FoodDocs in media

    The Estonian digital food safety solution already has 3,000 users

    The FoodDocs digital food safety solution, which has been operating for 1.5 years now, has already proved its value to 3,000 users in Estonia, Ukraine and Germany.

  • Food safety

    Is food your business? Then start from FoodDocs

    When starting with food business it becomes clear very fast that a large number of paperwork needs to be kept in order to be successful.

  • Food safety

    Food Safety Plan – what it is and how to compile it?

    Whether it is a cafe, retail chain or You make food at home – everybody who is selling food, has to ensure food safety. In other words, every food handler must have food safety plan. What is it exactly?

  • Case study

    Nadja, who prepares delicacies in her home kitchen: "I would not make any cakes today if FoodDocs did not exist!"

    The cake master Nadježda Kaarma is a living legend, who shows, how easy is to start with your food business with help of FoodDocs. Also we will hear, how simple is to create technical descriptions that you need, if you sell your products to another company.

  • News

    11 important reasons why digital food safety plan is better than a paper one

    Why have a lot of food businesses started using FoodDocs’ digital solutions instead of its’ paper alternative? They believe that the greatest challenge in food safety lies in the outdated or un-manageable food safety plan. It creates unnecessary risks that no one wants to see happening.

  • Case study

    Head chef in hotel Tallink: “Using FoodDocs will make you understand how many unnecessary moves You can skip.”

    Working in restaurant business for almost two decades, Kristjan Kelder is working as a head chef in Tallink hotel restaurant Sume since the end of last year. Under the leadership of Kristjan, many restaurants have chosen digital HACCP solution FoodDocs. Kristjan doesn’t even want to think about keeping track of food safety on paper like he used to do.

  • Case study

    Food retail leader of Estonia: "Digital HACCP system is our daily tool. It is like getting from Stone Age to nowadays!”

    Retail leader of Estonia, Selver, sees that digital HACCP system is a solution how to make daily tasks more effective and how paper solution does not enable that. When getting to know FoodDocs, they had no doubt to digitalize all their 54 stores. Iris Hansom, the regional manager of North region, is sharing what the digitalization brought along.

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