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FoodDocs helps food handling companies to ensure that food safety documents are always compliant with the law and all necessary requirements are always done.

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Compliant food safety plan within 1 hour and for FREE

Together with the Food Safety Plan FoodDocs creates an application for activity licences/notifications with all needed Annexes.

  • Easy to create
  • Understandable content with referrals
  • Notification about upcoming commitments
  • Transparent food safety = higher sales and export

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  • FoodDocs places overview icon

    Overview and and managing users

    The company designated users have an easy real-time overview of food safety of all their food handling locations – when the documents have been handled and if everything is in order.

    E.g. Are everyday monitorings done, laboratory analyses done and results okay, medical certificates exist to all employees, hygiene trainings are valid, audits done and results okay etc.

  • FoodDocs self control plan icon

    Food safety plan

    Pick your conditions and activities related to Your company and upload Your blueprints – Your digital food safety plan is ready! - Easy to change, send, translate - Food safety plan is always up-to-date - You don't have to print anything

  • FoodDocs personnel icon

    Personnel management

    Overview of employees, their medical certificates, hygiene trainings and validity. Also an overview of employees who and when have reviewed the food safety plan.

    Automatic notifications of expiring liabilities.

  • FoodDocs monitoring icon

    Digital monitoring sheets

    Fill in the monitoring sheets digitally. You can always be sure, all of Your monitoring sheets are filled correctly and definitely stored.

  • FoodDocs production icon

    Production documents

    Prepare and manage production/ reselling related documents - product descriptions/ technical specifications, technological charts, labelling.

  • FoodDocs documents icon


    Upload and store all Your acts and audits digitally on the dashboard - records of pest control, cleaning plan, equipment maintenance, audits, inspector reports, client complaints.

    Prepare annual or monthly audits, or use the existing formats.

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€480 Yearly
€360 Yearly
All plans have immediate access, no credit card required. Licence fee covers one user (unlimited devices). If any questions raised, please contact us

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